All About Pillow Size

All About Pillow Size

The most common pillow size is a standard pillow, but this pillow can be too small for larger beds and causes unwanted gapping between pillows. Larger pillows, such as king and queen size, are a better choice for larger mattress sizes.

The majority of pillow manufacturing companies offer various sizes including king, queen, and standard or large, medium, and small. This enables you to choose accordingly.

Standard size: A standard pillow measures 20 inches wide and 26 inches long and fits with both standard and queen-sized pillowcases. One standard pillow fits on a twin bed, two pillows fit on full and queen beds and three pillows fit on king beds.

Super Standard size: A slightly larger variation of a standard pillow is the super standard pillow. The super standard pillow is 2 inches longer than a standard pillow, measuring 20 by 28 inches, and is great if you tend to roll off your pillow at night. You can fit one super standard pillow on a twin bed, two super standard pillows on queen and full beds, and three super standard pillows tightly on a king bed.

Queen size: Queen pillows are 20 by 30 inches and fit well on queen and king beds. You can also use a singular queen pillow on a twin bed or squeeze two pillows onto a full bed. Queen pillows work with both standard and queen size pillowcases, but loftier queen pillows might be tight in standard pillowcases and cause them to feel firm. Our Sidney Sleep pillow comes in a Queen.

King size: King pillows are one of the largest pillows, measuring 20 inches wide and 36 inches long. Two king pillows fit the width of king beds, but also work as a small body pillow, and one pillow fits a king-size pillowcase or tightly in a queen-size pillowcase. Our Sidney Sleep pillow also comes in Queen size

European size: European pillows are square, 26 by 26-inch pillows. They’re primarily a decorative pillow, but you can place them under your back when sitting upright or under your knees when sleeping for extra lumbar support.

Travel size: Travel pillows are small rectangular pillows, measuring 12 by 16 inches. They’re small and easy to carry around when you’re traveling by plane or car, but they’re also a good everyday pillow for toddlers and young children.

When selecting the size of your pillow, make sure to take into consideration the size of your bed as well as choosing the pillow that aligns well with your spine. The goal is to find something that supports the neutral position of your spine. So purchase a pillow that suits your sleeping needs and requirements.