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Solid Dark Grey Pillow Case
ValarieIberer Iberer
Travel pillowcase!

I am so much happier with the new microfiber pillowcase! No more stringy fibers from my husband's 5 o'clock shadow! LOL

Pillow Case
Lou Hardt
Great Pillowcases

They fit the contours of the pillows very well. Glad to get them for the travel size pillows.

Best Sleep Ever.

I have two frozen shoulders and a neck problem and have been fighting pillows and spending a lot of money trying to find the perfect pillow. Well, I've found it and even bought one for my husband.
The pillow is luxurious, firm with out being board hard and it gives us both the support we need to not fight all night long with our pillows trying to get comfortable. From the first night it was just perfect. I even took it on a long weekend away recently. I'm spoiled for life.
My one concern was being memory foam that it would have that awful smell that some memory foam pillows have and that bothers my asthma. Nope!! Again perfect in every way. Thank you!!

Helps with shoulder & neck pain.

Helps give much needed relief from shoulder and neck pain. Had occasion to contact customer service regarding an issue with a pillowcase purchased directly from them and could not have been treated better. A-1 seller.

So far so good

I’m still experimenting with the amount of stuffing, but all in all I’m thinking it’s going to work great for me. Time will tell. :-)

Pillow Case
Misty Montanez
I love my Sidney Pillow and case

I absolutely love this pillow! I used to have neck pain every time I’d wake up in the mornings and now I no longer have that. I’ve spent a lot of money trying to find the just right pillow and now I can finally say I have a perfect fit for me since I’m a side sleeper most of the time. But, the pillow is great for when I lay on my back as well. The pillow case is very soft and comfortable too!!

Great pillow!

Sleeping Better than Ever!

Great product! Provides support and comfort. I am getting more REM sleep than ever! Best pillow I've ever used! Totally worth the price. Thank you!

Awesome Pillow

I love my pillow !♡ it fits me perfectly. I had been searching for a pillow for a couple of years !! Now I fall right to sleep and wake without neck and shoulder pain. ♡

It seems to alleviate the neck pain I was experiencing when sleeping on a regular pillow.

Very Nice Pillowcase!

I love the softness of this pillowcase. It is very easy to put on my Sidney Side Sleeper Curved Pillow. It has a nice zipper and the pillowcase fits nicely without being too snug. I only wish there were more colors and fabrics to choose from. Otherwise, I love it!

Great sleep

I love this pillow. The curve allows your shoulders and arms to have a place to be while your head is on the pillow. And your spine is aligned. It makes sleeping so much better. I’m happy I bought it.


I liked the fit, it lasted after washing, color as shown

Enjoying the pillow

The pillow has been working out very well and is very comfortable.

Great pillow!

During the Christmas, I misplaced the extra bag of foam and had to reorder. Service was quick and the extra foam made my pillow perfect!

Great Pillow

This the best side sleeping pillow! I love it and I sleep so much better now.

Extra Bag of Foam
Richard C.

The product is very good! Highly recommended! Shipping took forever. Product went from Illinois to Massachusetts then back to Indiana

Great Pillow

If you wake up and your pillow almost looks like this curve pillow then you need to try this pilllow out!!! I have had NO neck pain at all after almost 2 weeks of use. This pillow is like The Grand Marshall of a Parade... Its first on my list!!!

Prefer it over much more expensive models

I've had the Layla Kapok pillow for the past couple of years, which was actually pretty great at first but has lost a bit of its luster since the purchase. Those are super expensive, so I decided to look at more affordable options for my next set of pillows. I read nearly every review online, eventually settling on a curved pillow -- three brands stood out, this one was the most affordable, which made me nervous.... they arrived and I can't believe I was worried at all.
The pillows are pretty lofty out of the box, which was perfect for me, a 6ft 200lbs person. Smaller folks will likely want to take some fill out, despite the pillow coming with a bunch more. The exterior shell seems well made and the Black Friday bundled pillowcase was surprisingly nice, though I wish they made a cotton or bamboo option.
The fill material is an excellent blend of fibers and memory foam, which helps keep the shape and loft. Many pillow companies seem to be doing this now, which I like. The 100% memory foam pillows aren't as comfortable to me and require constant fluffing. This Pillow is pretty perfect.

I still find myself pushing my shoulder into the pillow, despite the notch. I'm sure it'll take some adjustment to the new shape, but I'd recommend getting the queen over the king, so the sides "hug" you in a bit more and prevent this type of thing from happening while you sleep.

I also wanted to note that I bought two of these -- they feel different, even now after some use. They are both comfortable, so we aren't pushing for a swap or anything, but note that if you're buying more than one. I'm not sure if they have different manufacturers or changed the fill recipe, but this was odd.

Pillow Case
Rick W.
A nice pillow

This is one of the best pillows I’ve tried. My only complaint is that it does sleep a little hot. I do like the curve in the design.

I took a lot of

I took a lot of the filling out I still wake up with a sore neck


I'm fused from C2 to C7 and have been looking for a pillow since my surgeries. The travel pillow felt great so I purchased the full size and now can sleep comfortably for the first time in a few years. Just wish they would make a silk pillow case to go with the all the sizes.

I love my curve pillow

I love my curve pillow

Queen pillow cases

I need to replace the quilted pillow case cover because the zipper broke. How can I purchase a new one? Otherwise, This pillow is great for stomach sleepers

Too hard for me but

Too hard for me but my husband loves it