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Pillow Case
Amy Schupler Veaner
Pillow case

Soft and washed well. Happy with my purchase

Sydney Sleep pillow

I love this pillow I haven't had any neck or back pain since I started using it...

Filled way to full. Glad it’s adjustable

Best sleep ever

Your pillow gave me the best night sleep ever.
I didn’t even turn over.

Great pillow

Buying the Sidney Sleep pillow was my last attempt at finding a comfortable pillow. I'd purchased three other pillows that were supposed to be great for side sleepers. The Sidney Sleep pillow has been by far the best pillow. So comfortable. It supports my shoulders so there's not as much neck strain.

Pillow Case
Ron Payne

The pillow cases arrived on time and well packaged. They fit perfectly and feel awesome. We enjoy the pillows and the cases and will purchase again.



Excellent product sleep comftable

Still undecided

I took a lot of filling out and it still was not right. I put some back in 2 nights ago so I am giving it a few more nights, I love the soft pillow covering.

Extra Bag of Foam
Valerie Laubacher
Extra Bag Filler for my Pillow is GREAT!!

I love their small pillow, called the travel pillow. I needed more filler in mine. The extra bag added the tad more firmness I needed. It’s GREAT!!

It was to firm for me. I removed half the filling to make it softer.

Pillow Case
Debbie Shapiro
Your own personal chiropractor

I slept on this pillow for 3 nights and was pain free on the third day. I’ve never used any product that worked so well, in such a short time that wasn’t a prescription. And even those don’t always work. I am so happy I found Sidney Sleep online. I highly recommend this pillow for anyone with neck pain.

Horrible customer service

Would NOT recommend at all

Highly recommend for travel

I bought the mini travel pillow and loved it!! I use it to cushion my back on the airplane or in car; then use it to sleep on a hotel bed. Though small, it's way more comfortable than most hotel pillows. I really like the feature that it is adjustable. Now I want to buy it for the entire family for travel. Very important that you know your sleep won't be messed up by uncomfortable pillows when you are on a trip.

I love my pillow

I rate my Sidney sleep.pillow at the highest rating! I love it . Thank you.

Solid Dark Grey Pillow Case
ValarieIberer Iberer
Travel pillowcase!

I am so much happier with the new microfiber pillowcase! No more stringy fibers from my husband's 5 o'clock shadow! LOL

I did not find the pillow comfortable for me. Everyone is different. What is good for one person does not mean it will good for another.

Pillow Case
Lou Hardt
Great Pillowcases

They fit the contours of the pillows very well. Glad to get them for the travel size pillows.

Best Sleep Ever.

I have two frozen shoulders and a neck problem and have been fighting pillows and spending a lot of money trying to find the perfect pillow. Well, I've found it and even bought one for my husband.
The pillow is luxurious, firm with out being board hard and it gives us both the support we need to not fight all night long with our pillows trying to get comfortable. From the first night it was just perfect. I even took it on a long weekend away recently. I'm spoiled for life.
My one concern was being memory foam that it would have that awful smell that some memory foam pillows have and that bothers my asthma. Nope!! Again perfect in every way. Thank you!!

Hate it

Double Sided Pillow Case | Navy & White
Neal P. Sylvia
Helps with shoulder & neck pain.

Helps give much needed relief from shoulder and neck pain. Had occasion to contact customer service regarding an issue with a pillowcase purchased directly from them and could not have been treated better. A-1 seller.

So far so good

I’m still experimenting with the amount of stuffing, but all in all I’m thinking it’s going to work great for me. Time will tell. :-)

Pillow Case
Misty Montanez
I love my Sidney Pillow and case

I absolutely love this pillow! I used to have neck pain every time I’d wake up in the mornings and now I no longer have that. I’ve spent a lot of money trying to find the just right pillow and now I can finally say I have a perfect fit for me since I’m a side sleeper most of the time. But, the pillow is great for when I lay on my back as well. The pillow case is very soft and comfortable too!!

Great pillow!

Sleeping Better than Ever!

Great product! Provides support and comfort. I am getting more REM sleep than ever! Best pillow I've ever used! Totally worth the price. Thank you!