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After many many pillows this is definitely the best pillow ever, for the first time in years I have no neck pain

So far I’ve slept well with it, no neck pain and no tossing and


I like the plushness of the pillow. I had to add the extra filler right away. I would still like more filler for my preference but the materials make this very comfortable.

Comfortable now that I removed alot of the foam pieces from it.

Really supportive pillow. The King is really large and very much love that. If you share a bed with your dog they can put their head on one side and you don’t even know it! My 85 lb pitty loves her new pillow too lol!

After buying 8 different pillows I finally this one and I love it!

Bamboo Curve Pillow + Extra Foam

They have the chippes zipper it broke right way

Sleep pillow

Just the right size. I love it! I sleep so much better now!

Great pillow

It works wonderful

Side sleeper

Best pillow ever !

Not quite right

I got the middle hardness and it's just too hard it hurts my cheeck bones by morning. I wouldn't mind changing it to a soft .

Awesome Pillow

Finally I’ve found the absolute best pillow on the market. I’ve tried over 10 different brands all claiming to be the best sleep. The Sydney sleep pillow is the only one that has lived up to what they promised. I’m a hard core side sleeper and the curve of the pillow not only supports my shoulders but also my neck. It’s a wonderful pillow. I love it.

Bamboo Curve Pillow + Extra Foam

Needs more foam. It came with extra but not enough.

What can I say.... Pillow cases

Pretty good pillows and cases... Coozy


Very comfortable and we sleep well

Solid Dark Grey Pillow Case
Kathleen LoGuidice
Son's bday

My son asked me to get these for his bday. He said they were comfortable.



good sleep

After sleeping on the pillow the first night i noticed immediate difference. no pains in my shoulders after side sleeping and i slept through the night.

Finally found the perfect pillow

I love this pillow. I'm actually sleeping alot better now. Not waking up with headaches. Thank u so much.

Bamboo Curve Pillow + Extra Foam

Best pillow for comfort

I have two of these and love them. I had family in town for the holiday and they said they had the best sleep because of the pillows.