Wave Neck Pain Goodbye
with These 8 Easy Tips

Persistent, irritating, and sometimes even debilitating, neck pain can be a serious issue. The stiffness and aches can be caused by so many things – spending too much time on your phone, hunching in front of the computer, osteoarthritis. Very rarely, neck pain can be a symptom of a more serious condition. Thus, before seeking relief from your neck pain, do see a doctor to rule out another issue.

While it’s annoying and often persistent, neck pain can be addressed very effectively via a few simple steps. Here are some of the top approaches bound to give you a good result and a massive relief.

1. Pay Attention to Your Sleep Position

If your neck’s bothering you, it may be a good idea to introduce a bit of mindfulness to your sleep routine.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, people suffering from neck pain should choose one of two positions – side or back sleep. Sleeping on the stomach is very tough on the spine and while modifying a favorite sleeping position can be challenging, it’s essential to get better support.

2. Try Stretching

Gentle neck movements can alleviate the condition. A good stretch in the morning and a stretch after a few hours of computer work can do miracles for neck stiffness.

Here’s a list of some pretty good neck stretch exercises you can (and should!) start doing on a regular basis.

3. Get a Massage

When done by a professional therapist, massage can relieve neck pain. Research shows that multiple 60-minute massage sessions over the course of four weeks can significantly reduce the severity of neck pain. In fact, getting massaged three times per week can improve function and enhance the range of motion greatly.

4. Use Just One Pillow at Night

Do you love the fluffy and comforting sensation of having multiple pillows in your bed? If you value neck health, this has got to stop.

Sleeping with several pillows for support can aggravate neck pain and limit your range of motion during the day. Choose just one favorite pillow and make sure it offers enough support.

5. Be Careful about Using Your Phone

If you’re a habitual smartphone user, you probably don’t realize how much time you spend staring at the small screen. That’s definitely killing your neck.

When looking at your phone, keep it at eye level. Take a break after 10 to 15 minutes and try to be mindful of your posture while you’re using a device.

6. Give Your Neck Enough Support During the Night

As far as your pillow goes, it has to be supportive enough without being excessively stiff. 

Memory foam is a great choice because it follows the contours of your neck and gives natural support. Avoid sleeping on an overstuffed pillow or a pillow that’s too rigid. It will keep your head at an unusual angle, contributing to stiffness in the morning.

7. Support Your Neck As Much As Possible During the Day

Are you riding in a bus? Watching TV? Just relaxing on the couch? If so, use a small pillow (the horseshoe-shaped ones are a good choice) to support your neck while chilling. This should turn into an essential habit – grab the pillow the moment you sit down!

8. Try a New Pillow

Some people find out that choosing a flatter pillow than the one they’re currently using can quickly contribute to a reduction in neck pain.

Also, if you use a feather/down pillow that you haven’t replaced for a few years, you need to go shopping. Feathers collapse over time, hence you will need to get a brand new pillow every year.

If you don’t want to go through such a process, Sidney Sleep has got you covered.

Sidney Sleep features our proprietary filling of memory foam and polyester. The blend offers enough support, it feels really soft and comforting, and most importantly – it doesn’t collapse! 

Pillow quality is one of the most important prerequisites to overcome neck pain. This is the main reason why you should do some research and invest in a product capable of offering sufficient, anatomical support.

Sidney Sleeps range of pillows is also characterized by lovely personalization options. If you feel like the filling is too much, you can easily open the pillow and take out some. Click here to acquaint yourself with the features that make Sidney Sleep pillows a great choice for people suffering from neck pain or contact us to have your questions answered. 

Is This You?

Waking up with pain in your arms, neck and shoulders after a full night of sleep, but not sure why? Aches and shooting pains in your shoulders, arms, and hands as soon as you get out of bed? If you’re nodding your head while reading these symptoms, the solution is closer than you think. The Sidney Sleep Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is designed to give you the support you need to maintain the natural curve of your neck helping to keep your body ideally aligned while sleeping.

Are You Aligned?

Too High

If your pillow is too full, it will put stress on your neck and upper back leaving you feeling sore & lacking energy in the morning.

Too Low

Sleeping on a pillow that’s too flat robs your neck of much-needed support, causing pain, restless nights, and next-morning stiffness.

Just Right

A pillow with the proper amount of fill creates proper neck and spine alignment, giving you the best sleep possible the whole night through.

One Size Fits All

Announcing the QUICKEST & EASIEST Way to ensure yousleep through the night and wake up not wanting to smash your alarm clock. The Sidney Sleep pillow allows you tochange the thickness and loftof your pillowin just seconds. Simply unzip the breathable Bamboo cover and add or remove fill, customizing your loft size in seconds, easily.Eliminate neck and back painand get thecustomizable supportyou need with Sidney Sleep Adjustable pillows.

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Make it Your Own


In order to keep neutral alignment remove a lot of fill to support the natural curvature of your spine, and make sure your head/neck is not craned upwards.


Back sleepers should aim for a “happy medium.” This means the loft should not be too high, or too low either, to maintain optimum support and comfort.


A higher loft will provide nice pressure relief in your shoulder, and hold your head in neutral alignment with your spine keeping it in alignment.

What Makes Us So Special?

Best Neck Support

The curved shape contours to your shoulders, centering your head on the pillow providing firm yet soft support and relieving you of any neck pressure and pain you may get.

Customizable for You

Our dual layer design allows you to effortlessly add and remove shredded memory foam to create the ideal sleeping support. Want an extra firm pillow? Or a more comfy pillow? The choice is yours.

No More Overheating

Our pocket design improves airflow and breathability, promoting superior air circulation and temperature control so the pillow stays nice and cool all night long.


Anti-allergy and anti-bacterial technologies keep Sidney users from waking up with puffiness, acne, and rashes caused by long-term allergen and bacterial exposure.

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Our Sidney Sleep pillow: a miracle of modern pillow-engineering that utilizes premium fibers in customizable combinations to fit your sleeping needs. Snooze away on your back, side, or stomach on your choice of soft, medium, or firm pillow. It’s all here!

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5 Year Warranry

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